Saint Anthony's High School


Saint Anthony’s High School
turns great students into great
people. We value the whole
person, teaching and
supporting each student so
that they can do their best
in school and in life.


Student Life

Clubs, activities, voluntary work
and sports are a vital part of
life at Saint Anthony’s.
We encourage our students
to do what they love and to
try something new.

Take your place at Saint Anthony’s International Learning Center

The International Learning Center (ILC) at Saint Anthony’s is an exclusive study destination for international students. Our center is designed to offer international students the chance to succeed at high school by offering a safe and understanding place to adjust and transition while they are abroad.

Being an international student is a rewarding challenge. At the ILC you will receive the academic, language and cultural support you need while you are a student at Saint Anthony’s.

Language Foundation

We understand that many talented international students need extra English language instruction in order to study in the United States. The ILC offers a specialized Language Foundation program that brings your level of English up to the required standard so that you can learn and grow at your full potential. Find out more

Advising & Support

As an international student, you are taking a very special road by coming to study in New York State. Saint Anthony’s ILC understands that you will transition into American life in your own way, so we are here to help you and your parents with every step you take. Find out more


We have a network of local host families who take pride in welcoming international students into their homes. By connecting our students with the right host families we make sure that they have a comfortable, safe home that they can rely on.
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Global Ambassador Club

Global Ambassador Club is a student organization run by the Saint Anthony’s ILC. Society members are American students who help international students by organizing orientation and other extra-curricular activities. They also take part in workshops in the Language Foundation classes and support the international student body where they can.
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